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Let's cut the crap!
Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:32pm

Our alledged values as a people does not include taking in the human detritus from warfare our very own government has been disseminations go upon these peoples. Let's not that straw man be slipped into a debate that fails to address the reasons for why these tired and poor are being shoved down our collective throats. We do not need more people to move here. I feel crowded. What about you? Just because immigrants were necessary to build up this empire does not a value make, except corporate, and as in cheap labor. It is not a value because it never was founded upon altruism. These much abused immigrants would not be the issue of contention but for the wars founded upon the biggest lie ever set upon the brain dead of a nation and world. 9-11!! And from that skullduggery derived the rest of the fiction which led our nation to make war for Israel and for oil. How long now has this perversion been visited upon our national psyche? Thirteen or so years of a blank check to the war for profit machine, a operation that literally bankrupted this nation. We become poorer and more divisive whilst the military-industrial-surveillance-prison-police state complex is bloated with wealth upon OUR credit card. They benefit, not the people. We get stuck with the problems. What is the main welfare program for these so-called leaders? They and corporate Anerica capitalize their gains, and socialize their costs onto you and me and the likes of dead civilians rotting under the hot blowing sands of the empire's Middle East blunder. Where is the left? Bankrupted! Much of it coopted and sold out to Israel's perfidity. If the incredible US foreign policy debacle is ever going to be cured of the shite being dumped on the Amerucan people then the mantra has to be STOP THE DAMNED WARS!!!! The disease is the Warriors warfare. The symptom is our divisive infighting over supposed values when the obvious our failure if the right and the left to bring an end to these thieving bastards' lack of any values, whatsoever.

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