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Why Was This Not On National News??
Tue Mar 14, 2017 2:16pm

Ahhhh, the obama legacy is just beginning!
Why was this not national news?

Muslim Spy Ring Busted in the U.S. Congress - from Feb 9 (?) 2017 - Did you see this? ktqdYXd1qJQ

    • Funny thing.... ~ Contrarian, Tue Mar 14 3:01pm
      One never hears about the Israeli spy rings. But yep, the Muslims have networked the federal government. Wow wee. I guess that itty bitty Muzzie spy ring planned and executed 9-11.
      • The Muslims are being inflamed and used, too... because the American dream has to go down in flames, one way or the other for the elites to get their global world order. But take Sean Hannity, for... more
        • ignore or else show his "open mindedness" by letting liberal Deepstate operatives stay imbedded his entire tenure. We have moles in the bureaucracy's DNA dating back to Clinton.
        • liberal DNA. He lied to me constantly --- Mosty saying "Islam is a religion of peace" and other whoppers.
          • Just say IT! ~ Contrarian , Wed Mar 15 3:21pm
            Baby was the most psychologically qualified marionette ever devised for the purpose of skunking an entire nation and world. He did as he was told, a good boy. He could also read even if the Pet Goat... more
    • Oops...Try this URL... ~ Deanna, Tue Mar 14 2:24pm\ktqdYXd1qJQ
      • It's been on Fox some... I never ~ Aurora, Tue Mar 14 3:00pm
        watch the others, so I don't know what they show anymore... but I can't imagine they would let such a dastardly thing get out about Obama... Not to mention the millions they ended up with from the... more
        • It's not even a little bit surreptitious. ~ shadow, Tue Mar 14 3:12pm
          It's out and out blatant.
        • First things first: ~ Contrarian, Tue Mar 14 3:07pm
          the mainstream media is not a friend of the people. It's a fully owned propaganda organ of the Deep State. And while FOX might seem to be "impartial" but on the Trumps agenda sort of, FOX too, is a... more
          • if I don't have my Samsung smart television on? Some poor Intel idiot would be like, DAMN, old lady turned her television off. Now what do I do to pass the time?
            • Good point. ~ Contrarian , Wed Mar 15 3:24pm
              I threw mine out 20 years ago. Doing that made a big difference in my ability to see more clearly the issues from my opinion and not MSM forcing their non sense on me.
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