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Our springtime shaking has begun early this year.
Tue Mar 14, 2017 6:02pm

In the last two days we've had three more-than 3-point
moderate quakes in SoCal; we always have the one and two-pointers going on, so this is just raising the ante a
little bit. Still we've had a couple of attention getters on Easter Sundays, so I'm not surprised when we begin the
shaking again in the Spring, or in this case, almost the Spring.

There's all that snow in the East. Their bulbs had begun
to bloom also. We've had a lot of blooming this week, and
yet are expecting a couple more days of rain next week.
That's a good thing.

    • And Amazingly... ~ Deanna, Tue Mar 14 9:26pm
      We have warmer weather in Colorado...almost makes me think I am in California....:) But no earthquakes.....YET....LOL. And the tulips have not shown their colors here yet...but, maybe next week...:)... more
    • one might believe because of the miserable drought bequeathed to your region, that you would be most interested in how your six year drought was achieve. You are obviously using a red tipped cane. I... more
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