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An observation an a proposal --- anyone still in North
Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:22pm

Korea right now as a "tourist" deserves to be captured and held hostage.

In fact, we should go out of our way to make sure they're killed to clean up the gene pool Darwin-style.

    • I worry about the journalists in NK ~ Aurora, Mon Apr 17 9:15am
      because Kimmie could decide they are spies at any moment. The videos coming out of NK show a beautiful modern city with lots of well-dressed professional people. That's probably what fools young... more
      • And then I take solace in the fact they shant be reproducing.
      • They should LEAVE.... ~ Sprout, Mon Apr 17 11:17am
        I only worry about someone who doesn't have the opportunity to protect themselves. If someone is stupid enough to climb into the tiger cage at the zoo, I have little sympathy when they get bitten.
        • They can't if assigned there, like ~ Aurora, Mon Apr 17 11:53am
          the Fox reporter.
          • If your employer ordered you to climb ~ Sprout, Mon Apr 17 1:38pm
            into a tigers cage, would you say, "Oh well, climbing into the cage is my assignment, so here I go..."? Of course not. The word, "No." spoken in a calm, quiet, yet firm tone is an INCREDIBLY powerful ... more
            • I would if I worked for a circus. ~ Aurora, Mon Apr 17 4:39pm
              They're journalists. No one said the job is easy. Not everyone gets to be a blonde bimbo in heels in front of the camera. Some actually have to go do real journalist work.
              • It doesn't have to be a westerner... ~ Sprout, Tue Apr 18 8:09am
                There ARE nations with better relations with North Korea who CAN send reporters in with FAR less risk. It is only EGO that drives others to go.
    • they don't "deserve to be captured and held hostage". If they are captured and held hostage, they certainly deserve some of the responsibility for engaging in that very risky behavior. I never... more
      • often generates emotions that aren't necessarily warranted, IMO it is accurate... Each of us IS responsible for our own actions. And given the OBVIOUS and BLATANT threats to western tourists in North ... more
        • Point well taken. ~ TW, Mon Apr 17 11:14am
          I'll concede the bulk of the responsibility rests on those engaging in the risky behavior. When anyone engages in risky behavior they need to be held accountable. No matter what the behavior is. On... more
    • Huh? Try to make some sense. (nm) ~ Contrarian, Mon Apr 17 6:47am
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