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How to separate a low pressure
Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:04pm

center from its trailing front. Simple! The weather warfare terrorists use very high frequency radar microwave energy. I have attached a link showing a couple of images of two storm system being targeted. The core is being isolated. The trailing front is being separated. This nation is completely covered by these weather manipulating microwav grader systems. One system among several is the NEXRAD. With 160 golf ball towers, these 748,000 watt cookers blanket all of the US. They create, enhance, and dominate US weather. These weather terrorists are having great fun learning how to make the world say uncle to artificially created droughts or tornadoes, or floods that squat over a region for days. These psychopaths can create snow and ice storms via moving low pressures, combining arctic air masses, and chemically nucleating the clouds to manufacture major cool downs and blizzards. Climate Changevis the mantra behind which these sociopaths hide their dirty big Manhattan-style project. The two pillars known to date as the means to facilitate weather madness are powerful RF, and aerosols sprayed over the earth by jet aircraft. The CON is in the big lie about "con"trails. Enjoy the link:

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