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Now the complainers are complaining about low priced steel.
Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:26pm

Normal people prefer low prices and only get angry about high prices. If China is selling steel to USA for a low price, we should be happy.

If China steel is unfairly competing with US steel, why can't we just add a tariff or import tax?

    • Much of the steel ~ Contrarian, Fri Apr 21 7:46am
      Is low quality. Rusts quickly. And some of it is radioactive. They love to make a great big batch of molten metal and add "hot" to the mix to water it down. It still has a glow. They recycled The... more
    • Not good.. ~ et, Thu Apr 20 8:01pm
      Warehouse in US sell imported China steel at US prices, not good for consumer nor economy.
    • I didn't read the article, but I ~ shadow, Thu Apr 20 1:26pm
      do know that in general that Chinese steel has been no where near the quality of American steel - no wonder since the steel industry in America has been greatly influenced, if not controlled by... more
    • Trade Wars are a tricky balancing act ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Thu Apr 20 12:41pm
      Putting a tariff on ANY import usually leads to our exports getting a tariff applied to them by the importers...and so on, and so on, and so on... The Balance of Trade between China and the US is so... more
      • costs involved in mining, processing and making steel here?
        • Probably ~ Contrarian, Fri Apr 21 9:34pm
          Is there something you don't like about workers being paid commensurate with the cost of living? You know, home mortgage, autos, insurance, kids, college, clothes, food, etc. Workets require a decent ... more
          • user" applies just as much to what a shopper will pay for a loaf of bread as it does to what a willing employer will pay for the productivity of a willing worker. To earn more, be more valuable.
            • Oh I see.... ~ Contrarian, Sat Apr 22 9:13am
              A CEO is more valuable but produces nothing. The worker produces the product but is valued so little that these corporation stampede with the assistance of the US government over to China to pay $.50 ... more
      • Flaccid! The only muscle left ~ Contrarian, Fri Apr 21 9:29am
        Is our big stick. Forget the carrot. The economy has been gutted. Our enormous debt, infinitely induced by our war me for Israel, much of it owned by the Chinese, says our disloyal rulers checkmated... more
      • Sounds like Trump has a tough job. (nm) ~ Ken C, Thu Apr 20 12:51pm
        • That's not surprising ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Thu Apr 20 2:17pm
          POTUS was never an easy job.
          • I don't know, ~ Contrarian, Fri Apr 21 9:33am
            Obama, Baby Bush, and Clinton made it look easy. None of them looked overworked, from blow jobs, playing at cowboying, and golf galore. I would say it's a cushy job given the one requirement is to... more
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