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Trump betrayal: Are You Ready To Die?
Sat May 13, 2017 8:44am

By Paul Craig Roberts:

Mr. Roberts is a former Washington insider. His short article states a reality most Americans have yet to consider as their non-future. Mr.Trump was elected for what he promised in his campaign rhetoric. He lied. And he lied some more. And he still lies. One such promise which got him my support was his oft stated commentary that he wanted to get along with the Russians. That he wanted to cooperate with the Russians. He schmoozed that we should be friends, not enemies. After more than 100 days at Mar A Largo it's obvious he and his Israeli-Firster controllers are doing everything to force a pre-emotive strike on all of us by convincing the Russians NATO is planning a first strike. My view of Trump is he is easy putty for the moles and agents he has foolishly allowed to be in his cadre of pundits, prognosticators and advisors. This President is utterly unqualified to even know what is going on. Neocons and Zionists are in the driver's seat. God's Chosen! And these Zealots are the real force behind and in front of the levers of power. Their coup was 911. And one can easily observe the controlled subsumation of a sane foreign policy into a existential threat to everyone in the United States. If sane diplomacy is not quickly given control, we will be the last generation to realize that The Tribe's prophecy is for Israel only, her survival, and the US is merely an expendable tool.

(Revelation Chapters 17 and 18)

    • I think he's somewhat wrong on this ~ Aurora, Sat May 13 9:05am
      Trump is still determined to forge a relationship with the Russians. He fired Comey just hours before meeting with them, and then let the Russians take all kinds of friendly photo-ops to release. I... more
      • That's the cover of a "book" ~ Contrarian, Sat May 13 10:38am
        To be trite one cannot judge a "book" by its cover. Though I agree perception is projected as friendly. It's diplomatic. He did kick out the rude US loud mouth reporters. But, I do not think Trump is ... more
    • New link ~ Link malfunction, Sat May 13 8:57am This is a utube vid about 15 minutes.
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