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Aurora, why your Texas weather is insane.
Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:28am

When weather control is the goal, this ignoble objective requires ignoble experimentation. And when the learned ignoble techniques become ubiquitous enough that one could argue there is no natural weather, then one has to ask if once the "tiger" is finally mounted, does one dare get off for fear of being "eaten?" Blowback? Meanwhile the gods of science lunacy are feeling mighty powerful nowadays.

This LA meteorologist does a near-daily antidote to the cartoon weather dished out to the general public by clowns pretending to be weather forecasters. I go to this site (1PacificRedwood) if I want to be informed about reality-weather.

    • That's very interesting.... ~ Aurora, Tue Jun 13 10:51am
      I know things are strange here. It now looks like southern Oklahoma instead of West Texas, and I did NOT want any part of southern Oklahoma. The weather seems to affect people a whole lot more than... more
    • LOL! (nm) ~ Curmudgeon , Tue Jun 13 9:36am
      • You really are a myopic toad! ~ Phooey, Tue Jun 13 10:50am
        Do you know more about weather systems and interpretations? No, of course not. Rather than just say it's interesting, you cannot control your attention grabbing soap box one liner. My view is this... more
        • transmitters" with there needed large antennas been hidden?
          • What are you babbling about? ~ Phooey , Tue Jun 13 2:24pm
            Did I say anything about antennae? No! But these facilities are ubiquitous. Many of them look like your golf ball. And many of them are housed differently. And many are stuck back into remote areas... more
        • I still remember Governor Keating ~ Aurora, Tue Jun 13 10:53am
          ordering the cloud-seeding years and years ago. What a colossal mess that turned into. Didn't work out like he'd been told. They've been trying to affect weather and "herds" with their military... more
          • While we "sleep" ~ Phooey, Tue Jun 13 11:15am
            those who play at being God are exponentially increasing the ability to use the earth's natural life sustaining systems for warfare purposes. The technology is now way past any recall. You know it's... more
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