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Deplorable Pheoma
So, some disgruntled loser from the left shoots REPs
Wed Jun 14, 2017 1:38pm

Why am I not surprised.

We have Griffin running around with Trump's head. Some Shakespeare group changing Julius Caesar into Trump so they can pretend to kill him.

What's a nutjob supposed to think? I have to wonder what's next.

Makes one glad that side didn't win, that's for sure.

    • Heard one report said he'd been living ~ Aurora, Wed Jun 14 7:10pm
      out of his van there for quite a while, so probably lost his job and angry. The death threats against conservatives have to stop. This has been allowed to go on everywhere on social media... but let... more
    • What you have are planned diversions ~ Phooey, Wed Jun 14 2:41pm
      It's a shell game. And one about which seems to be beyond your ability to disassemble. Where do you get your inventory of mush?
      • Where did you get your inventory of denial & diversion? ~ KDM on the left coast, Wed Jun 14 2:53pm
        Or is that private?
        • From past gov't behavior. ~ Phooey, Thu Jun 15 2:07pm
          Once burned, twice and thrice forewarned.
        • He bought a book "How to get attention". (nm) ~ Curmudgeon , Wed Jun 14 8:13pm
        • All probabilities should be considered. ~ Phooey, Wed Jun 14 3:19pm
          These are not normal times in which we live. We are being constantly jacked around. Over here. Over there. Wars and rumors. Enemy of the week. Get some street smarts.
          • So what passes for normal times? ~ KDM on the left coast, Wed Jun 14 3:32pm
            When you have jackasses displaying gate for Trump in the manner it has been lately why should anyone be surprised by some loose nut shooting a Republican congressman?
            • Loose nut? How do you know he ~ Phooey, Wed Jun 14 5:21pm
              Is not controlled? Oh, he is a loner, and left his diary at first base? Why do people parrot MSM? Why take their pronouncements at fake value? They lie, leave out pertinent info, coverup, dis-inform. ... more
              • You buy into every conspiracy at the drop of a hat.. ~ KDM on the left coast, Wed Jun 14 5:37pm
                ...without any apparent acknowledgement of the fact that there crackpots, loose nuts and unhinged haters running loose. Wake up. In a growing atmosphere of leftist hate no one should be surprised by... more
                • Yes, you do. ~ Phooey, Wed Jun 14 5:45pm
                  You buy into the view that these unhinged ones are not purchasable for a few bucks and a promise of pie in the sky. Low IQs are a favorite for setup, and capture. Yoyo! Their "public" lawyers are... more
                  • The "fix" that you get your jollies from... ~ KDM on the left coast, Wed Jun 14 9:11pm
           jumping to conclusions before you even know exactly what happened. Since you are the first to assume what happened or criticize those for having a differing opinion that isn't wrapped up in... more
                    • Come on... do you accept the BS that ~ Phooey, Wed Jun 14 11:05pm
                      he is in love with Rachael Maddow. Oh, forget the diary. I should have letters. It's a fraud. It's planned. It is directed and controlled.
    • No doubt the mainstream media will ~ Sprout, Wed Jun 14 1:44pm
      try to downplay his politics and try to focus ONLY on his mental health... They only want to focus on the politics of the shooter IF those politics DISAGREE with their politics.
      • Even CNN reports his politics: ~ Ken C, Wed Jun 14 4:07pm
        • Twas not long ago CNN was fake news ~ Phooey, Wed Jun 14 5:25pm
          They could make up anything and the eagerly awaiting piranhas public would eat it up. Oh by all means stayed glued in.
      • No doubt. LOLS. J J and M! (nm) ~ Phooey , Wed Jun 14 2:43pm
      • They will probably talk about guns ~ Deplorable Pheoma, Wed Jun 14 2:29pm
        and the need to control them. The real problem is the hate filled crap put out by the media. I think this one is on them. They can't say enough hateful stuff about Trump. They squelch anything... more
        • Absolutely,one can't say enough bad ~ clint (I), Wed Jun 14 4:05pm
          things about Rump because he has a mental problem and can't help himself.The incident on TV when he mimics a handicap man is more than enough to prove his condition.
        • Yes, they will focus on things like ~ Sprout, Wed Jun 14 3:06pm
          the type of firearm and the background check process and whether or not the criminal did or did not go through it. They will scrutinize the criminals mental health in detail and speculate loud and... more
          • He loves Rachael Maddow😎 ~ Phooey, Wed Jun 14 11:09pm
            And has love letters to prove it. Another set up. A diversion. Look here not over there. Oh, and be afraid, very afraid. LOLS.
        • TW trusts the media ~ Phooey, Wed Jun 14 2:48pm
          Everybody picks and chooses their belief of the hour, all predicated on a MSM not of, by, nor are these fakers for The People. They are paid by the corporate oligarchs to maintain the agenda. It's a... more
          • same as it's been for thousands of years. These "fakers" are like most in that the gains they would leverage from breaking stories and revealing big cabals would be infinitely more valuable than... more
            • Pure human nature is not to be trusted. ~ Phooey, Wed Jun 14 5:30pm
              Paid off human nature is predictable. MSM pays these zoot suits a million a year each and more to be predictable at keeping their mouths shut, read the script and give our opinion as a talking head... more
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