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Baseball size hail tonight....
Wed Jun 14, 2017 7:07pm

Sounded like those things were coming right into the house with us.

Dogs really take this stuff serious. 80-lb dog glued to me with her tongue hanging to the floor... 25-lb dog almost as bad.

Max the Cat thinks it's all a hoot. Running back and forth, attacking the dogs for being sissies...

Where's... my... desert?!

    • Phooey... got a hail scoop for you ~ Aurora, Wed Jun 14 7:58pm
      Most of the hail was baseball size, but soft enough and hitting roofs with such velocity that it would splatter across the entire roof. But Russ brought in a chunk of hail that came through our patio ... more
      • Very interesting. ~ Phooey, Wed Jun 14 10:59pm
        I was just over at 1PacificRedwood. Thought he might bring up your area. He was concentrating in Calvin and the hug low that was over me now moving to the north east. But I did see a sat image of... more
        • Someone else posted photo of hail ~ Aurora, Wed Jun 14 11:19pm
          like I described for News West 9 on Facebook. It was over quickly.
          • This is pretty close.... ~ Aurora, Wed Jun 14 11:49pm
            Don't know if you'll be able to get to it or not.
            • YES! I see what you mean. ~ Phooey, Thu Jun 15 8:23am
              Thanks for making the effort to provide a pic of what is truly very strange hail. What forces high up in those geoengineered clouds would produce a striated flat disc-like hail? I can imagine how... more
              • ever been found? And, like those who load your nano stuff, are they too invisible?
                • Look up NEXRAD ~ Phooey, Thu Jun 15 11:00pm
                  Reminds me of giant golf balls. They are not invisible. You can look up the map for where these are located. But you won't. You prefer nitpicking.
                  • hardly enough to influence weather. BTW, home microwave ovens typically have about 1200 watts output on high.
                    • Surely you jest 🦃! Where is HeaviHemi? ~ Phooey, Fri Jun 16 10:26am
                      He claims to be a expert in everything not nailed down. Even he would have a hearty snickering insipid laugh at your light bulb wattage. Please stay with coupons and golf. 748,000 watts is the... more
    • OH NO!! ~ Deanna, Wed Jun 14 7:57pm
      There goes the roof....!! We have to put on a new roof ...from an earlier hail storm that hit hard...the hail was only 1 to 1 1/2" in diameter....won't get it done until Hail season... more
      • Stuff isn't designed for hail, ice ~ Aurora, Wed Jun 14 8:00pm
        or flooding here... Our large patio roof in front will have to be replaced. AC's installed on roofs, too, so someone will have to look at ours.
        • True.... ~ Deanna, Wed Jun 14 8:17pm
          We are supposed to get the best there is on our roof....we will see how long it lasts...or if it outlasts us...:)
          • Be skeptical of intent..... ~ TEXRA, Thu Jun 15 2:54am
            Insurance covers only the way a roof works not the appearance of the roof. Some of those "hail resistant" roofs will lose the gravel and turn black or the metal ones can get dented without insurance... more
            • Well quick! ~ Phooey, Thu Jun 15 8:31am
              Get up there with a hammer and punch some holes. Interesting to me that those geoengineeringbiur weather and causing so much death and destruction get away with this. High frequency microwave... more
    • My Kelp Helmet protects me from hail storms. (nm) ~ The Kuundis, Wed Jun 14 7:48pm
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