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Is there such a thing as a Christian Democrat?
Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:46am

Or are they just people that call themselves Christians with little regard to the teachings of Christ?

I know when I was in the Marines I had to specify religion for my dog tags. I had them stamped with Protestant as I had attended a few Protestant services while being raised as an Air Force brat. I was very far from being religious, yet somewhat generically considered myself to be Christian at the time. After the Marines and becoming a little more mature and educated, I considered myself agnostic.

The Democrat party is becoming ever more secular in nature. More secular not only to the exclusion of Christians, but to outright attacking Christianity at any and every opportunity.

In most cases it is not the actual Democrat party doing the attacking directly, but their operatives in way of various organizations that are proud to be under the umbrella of the Democrat party and the Democrat party is proud to have them as members.

I've always considered it to be near impossible to be a Democrat and live as a Christian committed to Biblical teaching. Even before I became a Christian myself. Which was fairly recently in regards to my total life span.

    • Welcome Home ~ yome, Sat Jun 17 12:16am
    • If you're familair with Garrison Keillor and his down-home quite wonderful story-telling just dripping with Mayberryesque Americana --- From Lake Wobegon to Guy Noir to Life of the Cowboys --- just... more
    • I guess it probably depends most on ~ Sprout, Thu Jun 15 12:41pm
      whether the person sees their faith as a personal think or a political thing.
    • God only knows. ~ shadow, Thu Jun 15 11:39am
      He's the one that can read our hearts, and that's probably what we should think about, imo.
    • I think you need to ask ~ Deplorable Pheoma, Thu Jun 15 10:57am
      them to define their terms. What does it mean to be a Christian? If you don't hear anything about the cross, you can just forget the whole deal. As we know, anyone can call themselves a Christian.
      • to define themselves and their core beliefs. Even to themselves, let alone to others. The basic definition of a Christian is: "A religious person who believes Jesus is the Christ and who is a member... more
        • As Christians we need to know what we believe and why ~ Deplorable Pheoma, Thu Jun 15 12:23pm
          we believe it. Peter says: 1Peter3:15 But in your hearts revere Christ as LORD. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do... more
          • If you say so. (nm) ~ Phooey, Thu Jun 15 3:45pm
          • Amen! ~ TW, Thu Jun 15 2:34pm
            Christians do not always behave as Christ taught. Gentleness and respect are many times absent. The problem with Christianity has never been with the Bible or the life and teachings of Christ. The... more
    • Sober up toad.or get help. (nm) ~ clint (I), Thu Jun 15 9:46am
    • Tucker had Mark Steyn on twice last evening, and he can really tell it like it is. They have a belief system that does not even allow for civil discussion. You live and behave their way or else.
      • I attribute that to the far left, ~ shadow, Thu Jun 15 10:54am
        but I still hope that there are some who aren't that far left. It does, however, seem like a religion. I think that's why so many people are so frustrated with the Republican party; too many... more
        • I think from the 60s to 2008, it was ~ Aurora, Thu Jun 15 12:16pm
          the far left. But Obama moved them into the party and basically still drives them. Should DOJ decide to prosecute Obama, Hillary and Lynch, we might see the Democrats decide to rid themselves of such ... more
    • It's Funny... ~ Amadeus, Thu Jun 15 9:12am
      ...because while liberal Christians have long asked the same question concerning Christian Republicans, more recently, that discussion has moved into the public realm with church leaders questioning... more
      • More importantly for Christians ~ shadow, Thu Jun 15 10:51am
        is using the Bible as the frame of reference, not man's various interpretations of how they'd like it to be. But then that means lazy folks are in a predicament. Studying the Bible for oneself is the ... more
      • reality is the left and their cohorts are in full attack mode on Christianity. Why? I'll tell you why. The left is rabidly religious about their secular beliefs. If you do not adhere to the leftist... more
        • The Founders Repeatedly... ~ Amadeus, Thu Jun 15 1:49pm
          ...and explicitly stated that their intent was not to found a nation on Christian principles, but rather on principles including the freedom of religious expression. The left stands up against... more
          • You stated: ~ TW, Thu Jun 15 2:14pm
            The Founders Repeatedly...explicitly stated that their intent was not to found a nation on Christian principles. Then you should have no problem finding me eight or ten quotes to support your... more
            • Yet another link on the same topic: ~ TW, Thu Jun 15 3:23pm
     I'd say the combination of the 2 web pages I've referenced soundly defeat your argument.
      • There is a fundamental flaw in your analysis ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Thu Jun 15 9:18am
        You made the statement: "Liberals promote the separation of church and state to preserve the integrity of each individual's beliefs and their freedom of conscience and worship". That sounds nice, but ... more
        • I Disagree With You ~ Amadeus, Thu Jun 15 1:54pm
          I find the reference to "political correctness" an amusing obsession with the equivalent of a mote as compared to the beam being swung about by the other side of the discussion. Reality is what it... more
          • That is just too damned funny! ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Fri Jun 16 7:01am
            "It is liberals who champion separation of church and state and the equality of all before the law." OMG, I had hot tea come out my nose when I read that piece of crap.
        • I agree with you. (nm) ~ shadow, Thu Jun 15 11:47am
      • Republicans use their words. They don't ~ Aurora, Thu Jun 15 9:16am
        go to the streets in Isis attire and masks, and smash windows or burn buildings down. That has been in the young socialist branch of the Democratic party since the 1960's... the Bill Ayers bunch. The ... more
    • There is another perspective ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Thu Jun 15 8:54am
      I can envision a Democrat being a Christian, assuming that the person in question does not let Politics rule their life, or the way they think about things. When it comes right down to it, according... more
      • being rabidly pro abortion and pro gay marriage, along with being pro many other forms of sinful behavior? Christians are almost universally appalled by abortion.
        • I don't try to square it at all ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Thu Jun 15 9:35am
          As I said, you need to put aside the belief that all Christians allow politics to influence their day-to-day lives. While I wholeheartedly agree that Rabid Democrats are most likely NOT Christians,... more
          • then your religion is supposed to rule your life. Most of the time a person's religion is supposed to be the guiding factor in their life. That is, if their religion does occupy a prominent position... more
    • It seems like that definition is wide open to interpretation, so if someone says they are Christian that is really the only way to define it.
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