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Here is what Islam is REALLY about:
Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:26pm

All of the apologists for Islam are not fooling anyone with a working brain. I wonder how the leftist rationalize support for a movement that believes and does the exact opposite of what the leftists claim to believe in?
For example: Murdering homosexuals, female genital mutilation, killing atheists, raping women, ...

I accuse all who support Islam of gross hypocrisy.


    • Have you read the whole Qur'an ~ jb, Sun Jun 18 7:38am
      Muhammad and the Course of Islam? Then you have NO IDEA WHAT your going on about. Islam is perverted and you can't even pronounce Qur'an.
    • It's insanity like I've never seen before ~ Aurora, Fri Jun 16 1:51pm
      I was reading a conservative woman and an Antifa woman arguing over the anti-sharia march. The Antifa people are seriously messed up, thinking they are fight for women's rights. Official Antifa also... more
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