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same to you.
Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:49am

If I said anything offensive, I apologize , I often find my self on the defense on the blue board and if I've viewed you wrongly, or said anything out of order, i sincerely apologize. thank you :)

Re:post from blue board.
"snip from blue board"

You do me a bit of an injustice here.
Sat Jun 17, 2017 1:39am

I most certainly do not look down upon religious believers in general, nor Christians in particular. Some of the most remarkable minds I've had the privilege to encounter have been believers in one form of Christianity or another. I don't consider those who believe otherwise in this matter to be beneath me. I have no room to do so, since my own views about God are also beliefs, also assertions which I can't demonstrate to be certainly true. It's not my place.

If I could irrefutably prove the truth of my beliefs, vis-a-vis God, and express that proof comprehensibly, I might feel differently, might be impatient with those who refused to acknowledge what was proven. But I can't offer that certitude...nor do I ever expect to be able to. In fact, I'm not at all certain this matter can be resolved by reason and observation, but that the proposition "God exists" is actually unfalsifiable.

If I've given the impression I look down on Christians (or any other theists), then do accept my apology. That has never been my intent.

    • Accepted. ~ Poppet (really!), Sat Jun 17 4:47am
      I'm glad you saw my reply and we've been able to clear that up. Good of you to apologize. Hope you have an excellent weekend!
    • I DON'T KNOW HOW I GOT THAT BACKWARDS ~ yome, Sat Jun 17 12:52am
      BUT I DID... SORRY. the post is too poppet from yome... not the other way around.
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