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Mondo Fuego™
Signs that you are a minion of the Deep State Left
Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:12am

1. You drive one of the following:
Any Hybrid
All-electric Vehicle

2. You drink white wine

3. You watch late-night network TV talk shows

4. You get your news from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, The Washington Post, The New York Times and/or The LA Times

5. You shop at Amazon and Whole Foods

6. You wear Tom's shoes

7. You use Tom's toothpaste

8. You smoke pot

9. You use Facebook

10. You hang out at Starbucks

11. You do not own a gun

12. You have never been on a hunting trip

13. You are a vegetarian

14. You understand Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters

15. You do not believe in God

16. You think "global warming" will destroy Earth before you die

17. You think rich Republicans are evil, but rich Democrats are inspirational ... after all, they control your thought processes

18. You think Trump conspired with Russia, but you lean toward Socialism Communism

19. You give women politicians and black politicians a pass for incompetence and unaccountability, but you hold white male politicians' feet to the fire and find fault at every juncture

20. You defend and overlook the criminal actions of your minders

    • I'm liberal on most issues, but I'm not trying to be liberal, I'm trying to think of what's best. I think DFM said something similar when he said he is pragmatic.... more
    • Tens, if not, hundreds of 1000s of ~ Aurora, Fri Jul 14 1:52pm
      Trumpsters on Facebook. I hate wine, period. I do shop at Amazon and Walmart online, because they have what I'm looking for... cheap... and it's delivered lickety-split. But, I did read today that... more
      • 2 problems with Amazon ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Jul 14 2:36pm
        1. Founded and run by owner of nasty Washington Post 2. Too damn pushy with their "prime" I used to buy $1,000s a year on Amazon. No more. Now, I use WalMart, Target, Jet, Costco, Quill, etc.
        • Yep... always pushing the Prime! ~ Aurora, Fri Jul 14 3:32pm
          I find the situation pretty interesting that we have that bozo running WaPo, Carlos Slim running NYT, Zuckerberg trying to make FB a replacement for going to church, and Zucker letting CNN be used as ... more
      • Then.... ~ Deanna, Fri Jul 14 2:04pm
        you aren't holding up your end to the Global Warming Bargain...................:)
        • It's not 100%. But twas ~ Phooey, Fri Jul 14 6:13pm
          surprising to me how many (majority) criteria I do meet. This has caused me a good deal of pride, too.
          • Then Your Right Of Center Remark ~ Deanna, Fri Jul 14 9:33pm
            is totally FALSE.....LOLOL....I am still waiting for one Democrat Left Winger to tell the truth about anything....DARN!!
            • Come on....did you score 100? (nm) ~ Phooey, Fri Jul 14 10:58pm
              • LOLOL ~ Deanna, Sat Jul 15 9:40am
                Good Grief NO......I am no should know that by now....I was lucky to even agree with ONE.....:)
                • I am no leftie. ~ Phooey, Sat Jul 15 7:47pm
                  I prefer to not be categorized if you do not mind. Issues. Just the issue.
                  • OK ~ Deanna, Sun Jul 16 1:10pm
                    So what issues do you agree with in the Republican camp????? :)
    • ANY hybrid? ~ Poppet, Fri Jul 14 11:50am
      • Some Formula One cars are hybrids too. ~ Ken C, Sat Jul 15 10:02am
      • Vell, now ... ~ MondoFuego™, Fri Jul 14 1:13pm
        ... I znk ve kn mk xcptn fr zez butyz. Zay r vell bynd ze rch uv ze rdnry pplz.
        • Yeah...all three are scary expensive. ~ Poppet, Fri Jul 14 9:46pm
          The other high-performance hybrid I can think of, the new Acura NSX, is still kind of expensive, but about a tenth of one of those three. It's not in that "hypercar" performance league, either, but... more
      • I saw a hybrid Silverado on Wednesday ~ Deplorable Pheoma, Fri Jul 14 12:34pm
        Granted, it wasn't a work truck, but still....a hybrid pickup truck, imagine that! Just looked it up on internet MSRP $41-51K. I think I'll keep mine for a while longer.
        • That's a lot. ~ Poppet, Fri Jul 14 9:48pm
          I can see some advantages of a hybrid for a working truck (the electric motors can really bolster the overall torque), but the hybrid drive train is heavier, and that's work payload you then don't... more
    • Classic.....Just Classic !! :) ~ Deanna, Fri Jul 14 9:00am
      We see a LOT of those cars in Colorado....and they usually are very aggressive drivers also.....and the bikers have the same attitude...sadly!
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