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Two more "suicided."
Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:54pm

Peter W. Smith and Klaus Eberwien. Both involved in investigations into Clinton criminal activity. Murder, Inc.

    • Smith evidently DID exist, but no foul play is suspected.... more
      • You're playing Typo Nazi while ~ Aurora, Mon Jul 17 1:47pm
        Haitians starve and live in squalor even though billions were raised and never given to them for relief. Horse-face Chelsea used part of the money for her extravagant wedding to Soros nephew. I... more
        • Eberwein stood up in public ~ Phooey, Mon Jul 17 9:07pm
          In front of the whole world and in front of that Foundation's door. He stated succinctly how Haitian and the donors of vast sums of money were ripped off, the charity for desperstly needy earthquake... more
        • I am sure that the Clintons are mega-crooks , but that does not make them murderers. Proof of their peculations is easy to find. Proof of murder is, so far, absent. I do not conclude that, just... more
          • And like most all of that ilk, becomes genuinely nasty when contradicted. I've abandoned all expectation of rational discourse from her. I'd look forward to her response to this post, except it's as... more
          • Nobody ever apologizes to me! ~ Phooey, Mon Jul 17 8:38pm
            And Lord knows my detractor take great pleasure in rejecting about 80% of my facts. If you will note, my label is INTEL. There are connections so sleazy and dark involving the Clintons that should... more
          • You're not going to get one... Telling ~ Aurora, Mon Jul 17 7:35pm
            the truth is not bigoted, though the PC group would like us to believe that. I just finally had enough with belittling of anyone who doesn't subscribe to your narrative of what's going on. You and... more
        • Why go bigotted because someone ~ shadow, Mon Jul 17 1:51pm
          disagrees with you? This is really bad, Aurora. You know I like you a lot, but my definition of loyalty doesn't include standing up for wrong behavior.
          • It doesn't matter... I don't know why ~ Aurora, Mon Jul 17 2:08pm
            I come back here. It's like a sickness... This has never been anything but a place to be watched by those who didn't like our opinions invading MSNBC. It was so convenient that Ken had these boards... more
            • Wow! Good for YOU! ~ Phooey, Mon Jul 17 11:00pm
              I remember Carrie. She was a very fine person. That is where it is, a matter of the heart. I totally agree with your rant. Thank you for expressing your thinking process and your feelings. Brain and... more
            • It doesn't matter how many books ~ shadow, Mon Jul 17 4:17pm
              you read or don't read if discernment does not rule out the obvious bias and quackery of some of the authors. Some of the stuff you've bought into, imo, is so far over the top it's incredible to me.... more
              • You've been lied to for so long, ~ Aurora, Mon Jul 17 7:32pm
                you won't see it coming, and I believe it is. But the GOP likes your attitude, so you're fine. Eventually, you will paying taxes to the UN and perhaps you're okay with that. I know congress can't... more
                • What you see is one . ~ Shadow, Mon Jul 17 9:47pm
                  what I see is that you are afraid, very afraid and you feed your fears with every tit and tattle that seems to line up with them. You don't wait for the evidence and probably, worst of all, you... more
            • You take it far too seriously then. ~ TW, Mon Jul 17 4:12pm
              You've got to let this place go as soon as you close your browser. There's nothing here that's worth getting worked up about. I know because I used to let my conversations here and what went on in... more
              • Knowing one is on the Titanic ~ Phooey, Mon Jul 17 11:36pm
                helps. Pretend not. No, not one foot on the dock and one on the gangplank, but literally on board an existential threat about which one makes a peace with the iceberg. Is it a psychosis? One can be... more
              • to Michigan... to the rioting in the streets... to feminists embracing Linda Sarsour... I don't want this going on in my country; maybe you do.
                • let it affect your health and well-being. It's maybe easier said than done, but if you don't have your health, both physical and mental, it's hard to be happy and content.
      • On you! ~ Phooey, Mon Jul 17 12:50pm
        Okay, I spelled his last name incorrectly. Still, it pops up under a simple search. The name is Klaus Eberwein. Surely you recall him last year standing in front of the Clinton Foundation... more
    • HOAX! (nm) ~ DFM, Mon Jul 17 8:58am
      • Honestly, DFM, you're the hoax. Both of these are obvious, especially w/ Eberstein getting ready to testify against the Clintons. They almost got away w/ offing the UN official who was set to testify ... more
        • Charles Ortel, a long time close friend ~ Phooey, Mon Jul 17 11:53pm
          has a video one hour interview stating he is certain Peter Smith did not commit suicide. One oddity he expressed is in all those years of texts, letters and various communications, not once ever did... more
        • DFM , he knows better. ~ Phooey, Mon Jul 17 1:01pm
          His dismissive one word with the X in it is suppose to make the truth stand on its head and be ignored. This might work on the cognitive disconnect, which seems to be a majority of stupid fools, but... more
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