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WHY are libs so obsesssed with political pwer?
Sun Aug 6, 2017 6:28pm

To the point where they won't even admit they OBVIOUSLY lost an election fair and square --- and even demanded TRUMP pledge to accept the results come what may?

And now here they are in shock, in denial telling a froth of lies making it up as they go along, spending millions on pointless investigations to maybe luck into a process crime or come unrelated gotchya nugget from decades ago?

And blocking 90% of Trumps appointees, fighting everything every inch of the way --- it's ALMOST noble.

Conservatives never do that.

VERY few of His appointees were even vetted, let alone blocked.


Because Conservative voters do not derive their existence from politics.

They take care of themselves.

They're rugged individuals with very little need for government, let along Big Government.

But liberals?

Without Big Government most of them would die.

They either work for or else are dependent upon government (OPM) for their very survival.

So the liberal politician can't risk anyone figuring out they can do better alone.

The liberal politician must do everything possible to hamstring any productive and dynamic economy and instead create as many guaranteed voters (helpless dependents) as possible.

And importing them is ideal. Most will never become self-sufficient and will also spawn generations of inmates, thugs and ner-do-wells --- libs all.

THAT'S why they are so afraid of Trump.

Deep down liberals are not fighting fro political power.

They're fighting for their lives.

And on some level they sense it.

Hence the hysteria.

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