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An Email From a Friend....that Knows!
Mon Aug 7, 2017 9:37am

I am OK with immigrants as long as they have jobs.
The article mentions that a "mix" of Mexicans and Guatemalans came to take those crappy chicken plucking jobs.
In my considerable experience as an Employer, I can affirm, that Mexican are great workers, with great attitudes and very loyal to the Employer (for the most part)
Central Americans are not the same, Workers from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are poor workers, poor attitudes and are looking to find a way to screw their Employer.
Central American Males are notorious for being very "lippy" and chafe under any authority. They simply hate being told what to do and usually do not even acknowledge receving a command.
In general, the Mexican, does not want to even work alongside the Central American. I had to break up plenty of fights between the two.

The current crop of illegal Aliens are heavily Central American, and because they are considered "Political Asylum" people, we have been given them free access to our Welfare System
and just like the Muslims in Europe, they know how to totally "milk the system". Not to mention "MS-13" which is a huge problem and their ranks have grown because we simply allowed
a bunch of unescorted Central American Males to cross our border under the guise of Politcal Asylum. Those kids were for the most part MS-13 recruits.

I know that according to Liberals who have no real world business experience, that we somehow can afford to open our borders to every group of poor people on the planet and that
the rest of us (especially the rich) should just foot the bill. Its all part of the naive Liberal mentality, where they think that those of us who work, have an obligation to support those who do not work.
I am sick of it........and most of Trump America agrees.

Please do not forward this to Don, as I do not want to hear is Leftist political dribble or even engage in any sort of dialogue with him. I am so sick of these clueless LibTards on their mighty high horse, who have no conception of what its like to run a business, telling the rest of us how America should be run.

    • I don't know about Central Americans, ~ shadow, Mon Aug 7 1:10pm
      but I have a shared opinion about Mexicans from our own experience in Southern California. The workers we've employed have exceeded the work ethic and the willingness to work hard than we've... more
      • The Fellow ~ Deanna, Mon Aug 7 10:04pm
        that wrote this is in the agriculture business, I, he would have quite an experience.... I do know a car dealership had hired and illegal Guatemalan to run their parts department in a... more
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