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Beware of The Colorado Mountains
Tue Aug 8, 2017 3:24pm

and never ever go hiking alone.....if, you need of you might survive to go get help!! We lost a friends many years ago on Maroon Bells...when he stepped and slipped on ice in the summertime, while hiking......

There are too many losing their lives in hiking the Colorado Mountains, it seems this year.....:(

    • Los Angeles has a few mile high mountains and snow/ice in winter. There are warning signs in some of our mountains saying beware of steep icy slopes.
      • Yes..... ~ Deanna, Tue Aug 8 7:00pm
        There are those there too.....But many are no aware or forget about how the weather in Colorado can change in an instant....and or not expecting ice in the summer months on the rocks, etc....altitude ... more
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