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KDM on the left coast
North Korea wants to nuke Guam
Tue Aug 8, 2017 5:58pm

Wonder if they would like to have Pyongyang nuked in return?

    • Polly want a cracker? ~ PH👀EY, Tue Aug 8 9:41pm
      You read this did you not? Therefore you do not actually know if this is true or not? Any more than the spurious WaPo claim that NK has "miniature nukes."
      • whether I read it or not... ~ KDM on the left coast, Tue Aug 8 10:15pm
        ..doesn't prove anything one way or the other. Do try to stay up.
        • The NK leaders are always laughing. ~ PH👀EY, Tue Aug 8 10:47pm
          They seem to be having fun. Why is that? Why don't our leaders laugh? They seem oblivious to the threats and to the potential destruction of their nation. Maybe they are ignorant. Or maybe they know... more
          • You gotta be kidding...of course they are laughing ~ KDM on the left coast, Tue Aug 8 11:01pm
            When the "fearless" leader laughs the rest of the gang had better being laughing as well....or else! ...and when he applauds, the rest of moon faced generals had better applaud. That way they get... more
            • Have you ever seen a pic where ~ PH👀EY, Wed Aug 9 9:14am
              they are NOT laughing? I have not. Why are we seeing images that display a type of perceived insanity and a cavalier attitude about missles and alledged nukes? Who chooses these image for public... more
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