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Mondo Fuego™
Brain Theory
Tue Aug 8, 2017 7:40pm

Does your physical brain actually store everything that you can remember? All your knowledge? All your experiences? All your associations?

When you try to remember something or somebody and you can't instantly recall its/their name r details, and it comes to you maybe several hours later, what is happening?

Maybe all that stuff that you have tucked away is not really in your brain. Maybe your brain is a cache for current items plus an index for all your experiences, learning, memories, etc, and the details are stored somewhere in the "cloud", much like cloud computing. When you can remember a person, and you can even conjure up a mental image of them, but you can't immediately recall their name, maybe the indexing mechanism puts in an archive retrieval access request to the brain memory in the cloud, and response time is a variable.

What causes you to store certain information and events more or less permanently, and other ephemeral things fall thru the cracks?

What happens to all the stuff that you once knew or experienced, but you can't recall now ... stuff you have totally forgotten? Is the memory fixed in capacity, and old memories get overwritten by new events, kind'a like a security recording system which loops thru a fixed-size recording medium.

Think along the lines of your spirit and soul, neither of which appear to have physical manifestation in your body.

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