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Babylon shall be judged for
Wed Aug 9, 2017 3:36pm

that which she disseminated to the whole world. Let's list the greatest blunder of those disseminations. Nuclear technology. Atoms for "Peace." Remember that program, nuclear power plants for all the world. Still no place for the mountains of radioactive plutonium laced waste. And who invented the recipe for nuclear energy? E=Mc2. A member of the Bible Tribe. And it's no secret that the brain trust that invented the atomic bomb was again 90% members of the Bible Tribe. Dare I suggest that the Bible is being ushered into reality as relevant prophecy? Our Babylonian ghost chickens are coming home to roost. How did NK get the formula, and the technology? Who supplied them? Who made money? These things do not occur in a vacuum. Why was Uranium One allowed to be sold to Russia? Ask Sibel Edmonds. She has a website. She listened in, heard all manner of deals, including nuclear secrets trading. Maybe fat boy Dennis Hastert knows? Remember him, former big wig Congressman just let out of jail.

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