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It seems to me that one of the
Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:36am

things that has changed significantly in my lifetime, and the reason we have such polar opposites when it comes to American political opinion, is an actual big change, a sizable compound fracture and a significant cultural problem.

I would state it this way. In the past most Americans wanted the same thing for our country, but differed on the methods employed to achieve those things. I don't think it's true any longer that the majority of us agree on what we want for our country.

I attribute the cultural change to several reasons: The biggest one, imo, is the weakness/lack of religious faith of most Americans. That has been enabled the socialistic teachings of American universities, the influence of the Hollywood and now internet influence. The Vietnam War and the hippy movement, ERA, etc., are all results of this change/influence.

Also, a capitalistic system which does not focus on Godly virtues, as any system that leaves out respect for Godly morality, is a recipe for success. Materialism is a recipe for disaster. History repeats itself and no nation has outlived its gods/God.

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