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KDM on the left coast
So what should have previous Presidents done about N.K. ?
Fri Aug 11, 2017 7:55am

....the country’s last three commanders in chief have all used various forms of diplomacy, strong language and even direct communication with North Korean leaders only to end up making little to no progress. After the election of Trump, he and his transition team were told by Obama that North Korea would likely be his number one problem in foreign policy. So here it is...with no easy or simple solutions. But , the last thing the world needs is a nuclear armed North Korea. The same bunch working with Iran on such technology sharing & trade, who pose a threat of their own for the entire middle east. If North Korea makes good on it's threat to launch missiles into the local waters around Guam then there could very well be hell to pay...and probably no alternative to some form of military action. South Korea, in particular, must be pretty nervous about the situation along with that scenario.

    • Exactly What They Did, Humor KJU ~ Merlin, Fri Aug 11 8:17am
      and keep an eye on NK to make sure that they do not develop a nuke or the capacity to deliver anything other than take-out. Trump escalated KJU's blather and blustering into a brobdingnagian brouhaha ... more
      • Your faulty reasoning is consistent with ... ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Aug 11 10:55am
        ... BoZoBaMa's failure to "keep an eye on NK to make sure that they do not develop a nuke or the capacity to deliver anything other than take-out". Dude, stop for a moment, sober up, and tell us how... more
      • failures from the Obama administration. Trump is just doing what Trump would do even if all of the aforementioned items never existed.
        • quite correct... ~ KDM on the left coast, Fri Aug 11 8:31am
          ...past failures have only led to the mess that Trump has inherited. Of course, what Merlin refers to fits the convenient narrative in regards to the 'never Trump' crowd. No surprise.
        • Hardly ~ Merlin, Fri Aug 11 8:30am
          Trump is the one being leaked upon. Trump is the one who is oh so cozy with Russia. Trump is the one who promised to repeal Obamacare. Hence Trump is the one now looking for a distraction. You're... more
          • How do you "roll"? ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Aug 11 10:57am
            What qualifies you to be a critic of Trump? Your ass-kissing love for BoZoBaMa?
          • I've got a handle on the Trump administration. In reality, that's kind of refreshing! With Obama there were multiple angles one had to be contemplating to figure out his ultimate purposes. With Obama ... more
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