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Mondo Fuego™
If you were President ...
Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:49am

... what would you do about North Korea?

The trend is that NK is becoming more dangerous and threatening over time, and at an accelerated pace. Prior attempts over the past decades to solve the issue thru diplomacy and economic/monetary concessions have failed. Because of the failure of past presidents to deal with the situation with resolution, we are now in a "catch 22'" situation wherein there are no clear cut solutions that do not involve eventual war and casualties.

DO we somehow take KJU out?

Do we make a pre-emptive military strike and run the risk of possible significant damage to SK and/or Japan?

Do we wait until KJU makes good on a threat and nukes us and/or SK and/or Japan? Does he have deployable nuke capability? How do we know? Is he calling our bluff? Do we wait until he actually does?

Do we sacrifice Seoul to save San Francisco?

Sometimes people talk about taking the route "for the greater good". What would that be in this case?

It's easy for some folks to criticize Trump for what he "might" do, but what would be your response?

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