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KDM on the left coast
sad reality of what has come to Yosemite
Fri Aug 11, 2017 7:36pm

Back in the 50's & 60's you could just drive there and find a camp site, no problem. Now with millions more living within just a few hours drive and a tank of's an over crowded hassle.

    • just to see the sun go away .. hope they don't try to dip their toesies in the water .. they'd be in for more than just culture shock ... lol :)
      • not surprised Scott.. ~ KDM on the left coast, Sat Aug 12 8:28am
        ...that impending event first came to my attention on our recent trip through Oregon. I guess you are on the outskirts of a full eclipse where you are.
    • Stop breeding. (nm) ~ PH👶👶EY, Fri Aug 11 11:18pm
      • How about getting serious about immigration? ~ KDM on the left coast, Sat Aug 12 8:35am
        What?....a million or so a year immigrating here every year!?
        • Obviously it is designed to destroy this nation. ~ PH☠☠EY, Sat Aug 12 9:59am
          Why else would this insanity be allowed. We are being swamped by our blundering wars in the ME. Who benefits from this? Certainly not the lowering of wages. Certainly not the environment. Certainly... more
          • I can agree with much you are saying here... ~ KDM on the left coast, Sat Aug 12 12:01pm
            ....but when you conclude with this "blame Israel" or this "benefits Israel" I get the impression the cheese has slipped off your cracker.
            • These ME wars are for Israel. ~ PH🔯🔯EY, Sat Aug 12 1:34pm
              Granted, getting Europe to suck on a pipeline that goes through Syria, under the Medeteranian (sp) into Europe, circumventing Russian ambitions, controlled by Israel, is also a factor, the reality is ... more
              • those angry Arabs flooding into Europe... ~ KDM on the left coast, Sat Aug 12 2:22pm
                ...are still no less angry with Israel for even existing! Those that are militants have no real intention of you & I living our lives without their Allah & Mohammed poison, and with women dressed up... more
                • Whoa! You are putting ~ PH🕎🕎EY, Sat Aug 12 2:41pm
                  words in my mouth. I did not say Jews are responsible for 911. Mossad, agents, some Zionists, Neocons, traitors, et al. I would never blame a group for the dirty dealing of a few rotten apples. But... more
    • Yes! It Seems To Be Happening ~ Deanna, Fri Aug 11 9:56pm
      all other National Parks too...:( In fact, many of the campgrounds in Colorado you need reservations at least 6 months to one year ahead, our daughter and husband have a pop... more
      • what I like about Yellowstone... ~ KDM on the left coast, Sat Aug 12 8:33am's large, has plenty of lodging just out the park (West Yellowstone MT), and far enough away from large urban areas not to be overcrowded at least some of the time. I agree about Zion....have... more
        • Outdoor museums. ~ PH🐿🌲EY, Sat Aug 12 1:42pm
          Remnants, isolated islands among the remnant of what was the most glorious land in all the world. Thankfully some wise thinkers, knowing their own selves and just what the economic matrix would... more
        • Yes, I Love Yellowstone, Also ~ Deanna, Sat Aug 12 9:39am
          We've been there several times in the past 10 years....easiest access i coming in the North entrance....less traffic.....unless, a herd of buffalo move in and take over the roads....LOL...we had that ... more
          • It's always on my mind... ~ KDM on the left coast, Sat Aug 12 12:05pm
            ...that Yellowstone is basically a caldera type volcano. If that sucker ever blows's all over. I spoke to a local about the large population of bison and if any of them ever fall or wander... more
            • YES! You Better Believe It.... ~ Deanna, Sat Aug 12 1:59pm
              IF Yellowstone blows....the decimation will be tragic....but, who can control it....? On the other hand be glad you live further away from it than I.....:) Yes, I know some humans have fallen into... more
              • Bison burger is yummy. ~ PH🍔🍔EY, Sat Aug 12 5:42pm
                And it's way more nutritious than cow. About Yellowstone, I read it's not a true volcano. It's not connected to a vent. And it has migrated from Oregon to where it is today. Believe it or not.
              • it's one thing for a poor dumb critter like a bison.. ~ KDM on the left coast, Sat Aug 12 2:26pm
       wander into a hot spring but for humans it's outright stupidity....but a way to remove themselves from the gene pool.
                • I Tend ~ Deanna, Sat Aug 12 4:09pm
                  to agree with you..... My husband was just reading about a fellow that is missing in the Long's Peak area (Rocky Mountain National Park)...that was hiking the mountain..... It seems we have a few of... more
              • Al Gore would do well to control his mouth... ~ KDM on the left coast, Sat Aug 12 2:24pm
                ...but giving the "devil his due" he has made plenty of $$$ peddling his hysteria.
                • LOL ~ Deanna, Sat Aug 12 4:11pm
                  That IS for sure!! The only ones that will listen to him and believe him are the minus 10 IQ crowd, sadly!!
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