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Laugh of the Day!!! LOL
Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:52am

Steve Milloy‏Verified account @JunkScience 29m29 minutes ago
If you are fortunate enough to have electricity in Florida today, it's NOT coming from solar and wind.

Fossil fuels rule. #Irma

    • Lol ~ Deplorable Otis, Tue Sep 12 1:06am
      ......the USA is soon to be the 2nd largest producer of hydrocarbons. I'm currently in Laredo, Texas. We are drilling the Eagle Ford Shale.
    • Fossil fuels are not forever. (nm) ~ DFM, Sun Sep 10 4:35pm
      • Maybe Not.....:) ~ Deanna, Sun Sep 10 5:38pm
        But as Mondo says...during our lifetime they will....thank the Good Lord for fracking and finding out how to process shale...we have gobs of gasoline in the USA...not counting all the other countries ... more
      • Forever is relative ... ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Sun Sep 10 4:50pm
        ... for those of us who post here, fossil fuels will outlast our forever. 150 years ago, people didn't have gasoline. Generations from now will be on their own to figure out their energy problems and ... more
        • Jus' sayin' ;-)
          • Previous Generations??? LOL ~ Deanna, Sun Sep 10 8:50pm
            No one knew what the "black stuff" gurgling up out of the ground was and what it could do before 1900....from what I was told.... My grandfather had it on his land, but sold his land and moved... more
          • Jus' sayin' ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Sun Sep 10 8:00pm
            You don't know what previous generations believed about fossil fuel ... particularly gasoline. You are a silly boy with a vivid imagination, a big hat, and no cattle. ;-)
    • ...jes' wondering.
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