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Skin Head
G W Bush very happy
Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:53pm

G W Bush X president is very happy at the moment. He just found out Trump is the worst president of all time putting Bush 2nd worst now. WOW!!!!!!!!!

      • President Carter was a GREAT President. ~ PH✈️🗽EY, Tue Sep 12 8:30am
        And the connivers bounced him out of the Oval Orifice because he was in the main not their kind of pragmatist. In other words, Jimmy Carter had a HUMAN RIGHTS policy that the Luciferians could not... more
        • control of Iran to the crazies. That alone disqualifies him from consideration as a good president. DFM
          • Did Carter cause a war? ~ PH🍻🍻EY, Tue Sep 12 4:07pm
            I do not recall him doing so. The only reason you do not like him is because he mildly bitch slapped Israel.
            • DFM is correct about Carter and the Shah... ~ KDM on the left coast, Tue Sep 12 4:54pm
              ...and Carter's foreign policy incompetence led to Reagan's landslide in 1980. Like it or not.
              • Does that make DFM believable? ~ PH🐀🐀EY, Tue Sep 12 6:22pm
                The good man (Carter) was sand bagged by Daddy Bush. Everyone knows this but you.
                • as a matter of fact, DFM is believable.. ~ KDM on the left coast, Tue Sep 12 8:08pm
         regards to his comments on Carter. Your 'good man' sand bagged himself. In any event, he lost in a landslide by both popular vote & electoral college. Care to explain that? Or is there some... more
          • Reagon was third worst ~ Skin Head, Tue Sep 12 1:07pm
            Iran Contra scandle. Took tax deductions away from the working class and gave them to the rich. Then do not forget about how he let 3 million Mexicans take your childrens jobs. You people should pull ... more
    • WOW!!!!! ~ Eleanor, Mon Sep 11 8:28pm
      That's cute. I bet voting at your Klan meeting last night makes you feel real special. Just my opinion, of course.
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