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Remember the 09/11/2001 attacks.
Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:36pm

    • Video of 9-11 FAKE NEWS: ~ PH👎🏼👎🏼EY, Tue Sep 12 7:46pm
      The only bit of honesty in the entire pathetic monologue was that two jet aircraft did hit the WTC. The Flight over Pennsylvania was blown out of the air by an Airforce jet. The Pentagram was hit by... more
      • You have no credibility. (nm) ~ jb, Wed Sep 13 2:23pm
        • More than you. ~ PH🐉🐉EY, Wed Sep 13 3:14pm
          That harlot's rant is one of the finest most obvious pieces of pure propaganda ever produced. It should be included in college courses on how to fool the public. I am surprised there is not music in... more
    • Have you no shame? ~ PH🗽🗽EY, Tue Sep 12 2:34pm
      He is a very pretty bedangled woman. But truly, I need not her 12 year old mind to present a "talking" point. Please, wench, just report the news and keep that propaganda piece wher it belongs, over... more
      • anti-Semetic lies Israel attacked us on 9/11. Be very thankful you are out of reach.
        • Me anti-Semetic? Don't be ridiculous! ~ PH🔯🔯EY, Wed Sep 13 11:15pm
          I love Israel and the Jewish People there and here. But you cannot expect me to condone the terrorism inflicted on this nation by Israeli Intel, nor the betrayal by certain high Jewish elites... more
          • anti-Semetic lies they were responsible for the attacks on 9/11. But that lie did get you the attention you obviously crave.
            • Tough love ~ PH🐀🐀EY, Thu Sep 14 8:57am
              And I love Babylon, first. Do I have dual citizenship? Hell no. You are a lane brain reactionary. Using the word love. Do you think ISRAEL loves us? Hell no. These nations of the world use one... more
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