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LOLOLOL....As IF....
Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:29pm

I was writing a friend and said, "You can bet your bippy on that!"......And Apple refuses to acknowledge there was ever such a word.....LOLOL...they want tippy and nippy .....oh time flies and loss of language exists.....LOL

Do any of you know where that term came from?? What TV show?? :)

    • though. I watched a bit of it some time ago and found it to be too corny even for me today. I did enjoy it from a sense of nostalgia and somewhat simpler times. So many things seem to evolve to a... more
      • That IS So True TW..... ~ Deanna, Wed Sep 13 6:13pm
        I tend to agree with you.....on the comedy....only I find today's comedians to not be nearly as funny as some of those in the past....but, they are more in tune with the younger... more
    • Laugh In? (nm) ~ jb, Tue Sep 12 4:46pm
      • You Got It!! LOL ~ Deanna, Tue Sep 12 4:56pm
        I loved that show...:) As, I did many that time...:) But, the good memories didn't extend to many born at that time or beyond....I guess....LOL
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