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Dallas Police already in slalry and pension
Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:49am

trouble due to liberals worsen the problem dramatically by hiring a token WOC from DETROIT of all places because they've done such a great job there.

If I was an occifer on the DPD and I was thinking about jumping forces --- THIS would clinch it and make my decision very obvious and easy.

Not ONLY did they fail to "promote from within" they pass over dozens of already-hired and eminently qualified home-grown applicants for an obvious token hire guaranteed to be a baffled disaster.

Liberalism is a cancer and even spreads to healthy tissue deep in the heart of Texas.

Guess which 2 candidates hold the strongest Lib-Poker hand and thus were selected for the coin-toss?

(hint : 2 of them have been dealt a pat Royal Flush of Liberaldom)

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