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White House Rejects Supremacist Label: “No One Has Done More
Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:58pm

Than Trump to Prove White People Are Not Superior”

Upbraiding the ESPN anchor Jemele Hill for calling Donald Trump a “white supremacist,” the White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said on Wednesday that “no one has done more than President Trump to prove that white people are not superior.”

“It’s grossly unfair that Ms. Hill sought to portray Donald Trump as an upholder of white supremacy, when everything he says or does directly undermines that whole concept,” Sanders said. “Anyone who thinks that Donald Trump is on some mission to make white people look good hasn’t been paying attention.”

Sanders urged the ESPN anchor to “do her homework” on Trump before making baseless allegations. “Read his tweets,” she said. “Listen to his speeches. If you still think Donald Trump is trying to prove that white people are superior, I tip my hat to you.”

Ending on a personal note, Sanders said that she was “a hundred-per-cent sure” that her boss is not a white supremacist. “Donald Trump cannot even spell the word ‘supremacist,’ ” she said.

    • not get fired, but Kurt Schilling gets fired for the below? Personally, I've got no problem with either of them exercising their right of free speech, but ESPN has a double standard.
      • Have You Seen Jemele Hill in a Bikini?! ~ Merlin, Thu Sep 14 2:13pm
        I think that was Schilling dressed up in that photo. ;-) Seriously, from what I gather, Schilling had transgressed more than once and finally broke the camel's back. For Hill, this was the first time ... more
        • Definitely not bikini material ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Sep 14 8:44pm
          Hefty little heifer, IMO. Her "apology" sucked. She didn't apologize to Trump. She apologized to ESPN for using ESPN to vent her nasty political views.
    • NYTimes and Democrat Party ~ Deanna, Wed Sep 13 9:11pm
      are destroying themselves ....right before our own eyes.....with their harangue of accusing Trump and the Deplorables of being White Supremacists more needs to be said..... NYT and Democrats... more
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