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Israel Prepares for War with Hezbollah
Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:13pm

IDF Concludes Biggest Exercise in 19 Years, Prepares for War in North

Sep 14, 2017

The IDF carried out its biggest drill in almost two decades, bolstering its preparedness and readying itself for a conflict with Hezbollah.

The IDF concluded this week its largest and most important exercise in the past 19 years. The exercise was called “Or HaDagan,” the “Light of Dagan,” in honor of the late Major General Meir Dagan, who commanded the last exercise of this scale nearly two decades ago.

The 10-day-long exercise involved the IDF’s active divisions in addition to reservists, 20 different brigades including infantry, armored, artillery, and regional, Combat Intelligence, Special Forces, the Israeli Air Force (IAF), the Israeli Navy, the Intelligence Directorate, the Home Front Command and many other units.

The main objective of the massive drill was to improve combat readiness on the northern front.

In addition, the “Sky Rider” artillery unit was slated to hold its first unit exercise, dispersing teams and providing intelligence assistance to all forces.

“It’s not enough to just be strong,” an IDF official said, “we need to adapt the response to the challenges facing us.”

The various units were practicing for operations in unexpected situations on the northern front, primarily those involving potential conflicts with the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror organization.

“The enemy is developing greatly in warfare, learning and understanding combat,” said a senior official. “There’s a significant threat to the IDF, and especially to the home front.”

The exercise is unique in its scope because it involves all levels and ranks, from troops in the field to the top of the chain of command, the IDF explained.

Over the past year, the Or HaDagan Administration, lead by Major General Yossi Bachar, has built the exercise in accordance with the objectives of the General Staff and the operational needs of the Northern Corps.


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