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Looking for serious answer here:
Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:25am

Why are we not shooting down NK's missiles?

Are we unable?

Can we not afford to do it - yet?

Are there serious unintended consequences?

Are we able but have waited to do so for good reason?

    • Thanks, everyone for ~ Shadow, Fri Sep 15 3:23pm
      some good ideas. Nothing's simple about the problem, IMO.
    • This one ... ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Sep 15 1:18pm
      We are able but have waited to do so for good reason. KimBoy is insane. Shooting down his missiles might trigger him to do something very irrational, which could lead to a lot of deaths in a lot of... more
    • Some thoughts ~ Deplorable Pheoma, Fri Sep 15 1:14pm
      I don't know that our anti-missile technology is good enough to give it a try. So far, the success rate is not all that good. If I recall, they were successful the last 2 times they tried it. It... more
    • Why would we? They aren't targeting ~ Sprout, Fri Sep 15 1:11pm
      any of our assets. And also, why would we show our hand with regard to our own resources and assets in the area? 1. CAN we shoot them down. That is an assumption and MAY not be actually accurate. We... more
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