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KDM on the left coast
Deanna mentioned underground shelters...
Fri Sep 15, 2017 7:21pm

...that some folks had built in their backyards here in CA. Many of those were built around the time of the Cuban missile crisis. Some phony "contractors" taking advantage of the growing panic would sell folks on the notion of building one for about $2000. A $1000 down and then the contractor disappears with your money. LOL A number of those that were built ended up as wine cellars or storage rooms.

A number of years ago when I was a member of a Air National Guard unit I met an a Air Force troop who was a former Minuteman missile launch officer that manned one of those under ground silos. He mentioned the Soviet capabilities of that time...not as accurate as ours so they made up the difference by a bigger payload (megatons). As far as underground shelters.....he said they wouldn't do much good as the concussion alone would kill off most, if not all, people anywhere near (for miles) ground zero.

    • That Sounds About Right....:) ~ Deanna, Fri Sep 15 9:26pm
      They know so much more now than they did then, for sure!! :)
    • No Need To Shelter Underground ~ Merlin, Fri Sep 15 8:08pm
      • I remember "duck & cover" from the 50's... ~ KDM on the left coast, Sun Sep 17 4:38pm
        ...for all the good it would have done in case of an actual attack. I grew up in and area that was ringed by military bases... closest were Los Alamitos Naval Air Station and El Toro Marine Air... more
      • Is not that pathetic. ~ PH💀💀RY, Fri Sep 15 10:22pm
        Small wonder they grew up looking for free love. They sure wern't going to locate any under those desks. Conditioning children to the message of TERRORISM.
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