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Mondo Fuego™
University Rankings
Sat Sep 16, 2017 6:20pm

Vanderbilt climbed another notch to #14 in a tie with Brown Cornell and Rice, edging out Notre Dame. Since 1992, Vanderbilt has climbed from #25 to #14, about 1 notch every 2 years, and is destined to continue up the ranks. It will eventually make it into the top 10, and I make no prediction beyond that. The main obstacle to climbing up the ranks is you have to bypass some other damn fine institutions. :0

Johns Hopkins was edged out of the top 10 by Cal Tech and fell to #11.

Duke dropped to #9, edged out by University of Pennsylvania at #8.

MIT edged up a notch, joining Columbia and Stanford in a tie at #5.

Yale and University of Chicago remain in a tie at #3.

Harvard remains at #2.

Princeton remains at #1.

    • Not that it really matters. ~ KR, Sat Sep 16 11:17pm
      Graduate anywhere in the top 100 or so schools and no one cares where you went once you have a few solid years on a work resume. Yes, a degree from MIT means a lot if you are an engineer but outside... more
      • A Tiffany diamond instead of Zales? A BMW instead of a Geo Metro? Capital Grille instead of Burger King?
      • Generally true ~ Mondo Fuego, Sat Sep 16 11:46pm
        My Alma Maters mean more to me than they do to the rest of the world. I would have done well regardless of where I went to school. My aptitude for IT was innate, seeing as how Computer Science was... more
        • Strange. I did none of that. ~ PH😀😀EY, Mon Sep 18 9:22pm
          Barely got out of high school. And I am very successful. Do what I want when I want to, where, and how. Success is like sex. It's all in the mind.
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