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Las Vegas a false flag op
Fri Oct 6, 2017 8:24am

that was very sloppily planned. And with everyone in possession of an audio visual cell phone of great spyware quality, the perps are having grater difficulty covering up the blatent lies. There are so many self-evident lies coming forth from authority as to be not a joke but a frightful reality of just how naked and exposed are the Babylonian People to these inside jobs. There is no security because security has become practioners of terrorism and coverups. It's a traitorous nation in which the levers of security are subsumed by pure evil. I think the book that describes the situation is The Big Bamboozle, by Philip Marshall. That was his very last effort to expose how these security agencies are dens of rot. He and his two kids and a little dog were suicided in their quiet gated community. The last time I checked, the book has become rare and Amazon had it st $253.00.

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