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Mandalay deceits show patsy Paddock
Sat Oct 7, 2017 3:00pm

receipts that fly in the face of FBI pronouncements that he checked in on the 28 of September. The parking garage receipt registers September 25.

The valet receipt, lunch or dinner for two in "his" room, lists two people. Date? September 27. Two Pepsis, not alcohol.

The Feds now saying the cell phone charger found in the room does not fit any of Patsy's known cell phones. How many cell phones dies one need?

Stay tuned.

    • Was Paddock nvolved in arms sales? ~ PH🔎👀🔎EY, Sun Oct 8 6:09am
      His brother let a few hints accidentally slip out in a interview. Was Paddock working undercover with authority? Was Paddock set up? Obviously there was more than one shooter. Eyewitnesses are... more
      • Knocked out windows was staged ~ PH🔎💀🔎EY, Sun Oct 8 11:50am
        to give the impression of sniper's lair. The Patsy was offed before the shooing began. And while a few bursts were done there, if at all, the shell casings hardly add up to the estimated thousands of ... more
        • You should write fiction novels. ~ Mondo Fuego™, Sun Oct 8 3:15pm
          With a little practice, combined with your vivid imagination, you might become a success like Ian Fleming or John Grisham. Get started!
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