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Canyon Fires
Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:03pm

You're hearing about the serious fire storms in the Napa and Sonoma valleys where the wine industry in particular is threatened - on national news. The coverage about Southern California's canyon fires are receiving less notice, maybe because they're largely residential - BUT the fire is not
under control at all and has already in one day consumed 7,500 acres, thousands evacuated and 24 homes destroyed. It happened so fast that people weren't even put on notice, but just told to evacuate immediately. With the high hot winds
embers fly across the terrain to areas not initially affected by the fires. Yesterday there were 200 firefighters on the job. So far no reports of lives lost. One of the important aspects of this fire fighting is the need to completely hose down destroyed home so that the winds don't carry the embers far away, which is how the fire has spread so quickly.

    • This is what weather warfare is! ~ PH💨💨EY, Wed Oct 11 9:38am
      Dry out the targeted region. Lower the humidity via high energy bursts of microwave heated ivn pressure. Cut off the jet stream. Spray dessicants to dry up approaching moisture fields. And force a... more
    • YES!! ~ Deanna, Tue Oct 10 2:01pm
      I've been looking at both the Northern California fires and those in Anaheim Hills and the one in Irvine Park area....our nephew is only blocks away from the evacuated area....but, his mother told me ... more
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