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Is Hollywood predictable? You betcha!
Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:35pm

I guess we'll see how predictable if Kyle Smith's prediction comes true.

The Next Big Oscar WinnerÖ

Call Me by Your Name, a charming gay romance, will probably mop up.

By Kyle Smith ó October 11, 2017

Calling the Oscar race now is like predicting the outcome of a football game in the first quarter. Nevertheless, Iím convinced that Iíve just seen the big winner at the next Academy Awards, to be held March 4. Itís the simple, sweet romance Call Me by Your Name.

The irresistible element of the film, which hits theaters November 24, is that itís a gay love story. The two leads, Armie Hammer as an American grad student spending the summer of 1983 with a professorís family in Northern Italy, and Timothťe Chalamet as the 17-year-old Euro-American son of the house, have a hesitant, gentle but increasingly passionate affair that is bound to make the movie industry swoon. At a screening last week for the filmís debut at the New York Film Festival, I walked out at the end only to discover that virtually everyone else in the theater was absolutely bolted to their seats, transfixed, probably weeping.

I expect red-state types to dismiss the film because itís gay and for blue-state types to overpraise the film because itís gay. The latter group will find its matter-of-fact, non-judgmental, non-tortured mood to be especially appealing. Itís far more serene and joyful than Brokeback Mountain or Moonlight, the gay movie that won last yearís Oscar. This time, there is not much effort to pretend that worlds will shatter if a gay romance becomes known to those around them. Although the two men are secretive about their trysts, it gradually emerges that the parents of the teen (Michael Stuhlbarg, Amira Casar) are cool with the whole thing anyway. ďAt last,Ē the filmís fans will say, ďgay people get a glossy love story of their own.Ē

Iíd flip that around and say, ďIf these were straight people, would there be anything remarkable about this movie?Ē Directed by Luca Guadagnino in soft, summery tones, the film is evidently deeply felt and more than competently executed. But story-wise, itís a bit thin: The guys spend an hour or so exchanging flirty glances, then half an hour or so in various bedroom scenarios. Thereís nothing really keeping them apart except that neither knows whether or not the other is gay. For a 132-minute film, this isnít a lot of plot.

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