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Europe is being heavily radiated and
Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:20pm

they think Russia is behind it. I think they'll find the same is true in the case of American diplomats (and others?) in Cuba who have been harmed by radioactivity.

Consider all the times Russia has been implicated in chemical attacks on some of Putin's enemies, of their attempts with all manner of indirect methods to harm their enemies.

I remember when friends of ours were sent to work in the American Embassy in Moscow; it had been newly built and the US could not occupy it because the Russians had completely wired it for intelligence purposes, against all diplomatic agreements. An Embassy is on land subject to itself, not subject to the host country.

They break all the rules and should never be trusted. If you read their history, you'll know that the deception, mistrust of all others, brutality and deceit are genetically inbred - not every single person, of course, but the political tradition.

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