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    • Must one open a link? ~ PH🙄🙄EY, Thu Oct 12 11:44am
      Cannot you simply state the $64,000 question with two sentences". My best guess is it's a safety purpose. And to alert one to the presence of a sharp pair of scissors not easily seen in the non-color ... more
      • I'll sum up... ~ Sprout, Thu Oct 12 11:49am
        In the early days of mass manufacturing, when scissors were becoming cheap for the first time, a company asked for samples from a handle maker in several colors. He had leftover orange from a... more
        • They are lousy scissors ... ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Oct 12 8:00pm
          ... the plastic handles eventually become floppy.
          • Not Fiskars! ~ shadow, Fri Oct 13 10:52am
            Dollar store scissors may crumble; Fiskars don't.
    • I Had Never Given It A Thought...:) ~ Deanna, Thu Oct 12 9:52am
      So, I went out to the kitchen and checked my orange handled scissors and sure enough they are Fiskars!! Thanks for the education, again....:)
      • I had never given the color a ~ shadow, Thu Oct 12 10:26am
        thought. I have some with red and some with blue handles and a couple with orange. When the question was asked I thought maybe 'orange' was a safety choice because the color is so 'alarming'. Anyway, ... more
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