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    • Why did the Naxi Getmans disdeign ~ PH💀💀EY, Thu Nov 9 7:17pm
      the Jews? I have asked this question many times and never have I received a satisfactory answer. Is it suppose to be a riddle? I asked DFM if he thinks this might be something as simple as jealously. ... more
      • 1. Martin Luther and antisemitism Evolution of his views[edit] Luther's attitude toward the Jews changed over the... more
        • Martin Lucifer. ~ PH🔯🔯EY, Thu Nov 9 10:18pm
          What a prick! He gained Protestantism, freedom from dogmatic Catholicism, and became an oppressor. What were the "lies" of the Jews in Luther's day? I still think jealously is the root of the problem.
      • 'NAZI GERMANS' (nm) ~ PH🙄EY, Thu Nov 9 7:18pm
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