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Deplorable Otis
Fri Nov 10, 2017 8:51am

the ol’ ball n chain is retiring after 22 years of teaching! She is amazing! Occasionally, she’ll have former students (high school and college grads) come back to visit and tell her she was their favorite teacher. She has taught 3rd Grade most of her career. When we met...she was attending Michigan State University but our marriage and business interrupted her education and she eventually graduated from University of Texas .

We are looking forward to traveling around the USA a little more often now!
December 20th is her last day...but who’s counting??
Just blowing off some of my personal excitement!!! lol

    • Congratulations to her! ~ shadow, Fri Nov 10 11:18am
      And retirement before the holidays. That is super. Thanks to her for helping educated those sharp Texans! Love 'em.
    • YAY!! ~ Deanna, Fri Nov 10 10:03am
      How wonderful that is....:) Our son-in-law, who teaches here is retiring from teaching in June 2018....:) Our oldest daughter and husband, both teachers....he became a principal...retired a few years ... more
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