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A list of websites of a suspicious nature:
Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:42am

Can one say FAKE! Fronts? Embedded?:

Snopes, Wired, Salon, Drudge, Huffington, Inquisitor, NijaPundit, Reddit, the people's voice, vice news, gizmodo, media matters.

Oh for sure there are others of this genre. And I left out MSM because that is already established as FAKE news.

I base my list on how they treat the Las Vegas massacre. Do they poo poo the eyewitnesses? Yes, by insinuating mass hysteria. Do they discuss the video coverage by those who were there? Not usually. That would reveal the actual factual photographic reality, not shut it down. Nay, what these creeps echo is that tired old CIA-invented phrase....conspiracy THEORY. Some of these fake websites (fronts) actually advocate censorship by you tube. They openly put the blame for real news these creeps do not want disseminated onto Google. Imagine that....supposed web journalists advocating the destruction of honest journalism. They reveal their calumny.
These spooks are afraid of free speech. They are wanting to shut down the free exchange of concepts. And Google (YouTube) is obliging them!

So screw you too, Google.

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