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Mondo Fuego™
Mondo's Monday Blog: The height of hypocricy
Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:19pm

I don't have a dog in Roy Moore's campaign. I thought Luther Strange to be the better candidate.

Lots of folks are calling for Moore to drop out of the Alabama special election. On the left, because they politically want their Dem candidate to win (they don't really care about morals and ethics). On the right, because they want to moralistically distance themselves so their upcoming elections won't be tainted (they don't really care much about morals and ethics either).

In another quadrant, on the left side, we have Senator Menendez who is being prosecuted for fraud and having sex with underage girls, and nobody is making a big deal of that, except government prosecutors (he goes on trial on federal corruption charges in less than three weeks). None of the political pundits of any significance on either side are demanding his resignation. Why?

Merlin has been overly active in his prejudicial trial of Ol' Roy with multiple redundant posts, but has remained silent over the years on Senator Menendez, Bill Clinton (alleged rapist and sexual assaulter), and other Dem operatives. Could it be Merlin has an incurable bias?

It would be a good idea to take politics out of criminal allegations and focus on the actual alleged crimes.

Here's some facts: As far as we know, Ol' Roy never had sexual intercourse or any form of sexual penetration with a minor (a person under the age of consent) ... nobody is claiming otherwise. If he dated 18 year-olds (above the age of consent everywhere in the US) when he was 32, that is not a crime, not even if he had sex with them. Also, it is not so unusual for girls at age 18 to go out with men in their late 20s and early 30s ... it happens all the time. According to various sources, many girls have already had sex by the time they are 18 ... perhaps with men in an array of ages, so technically and legally, what difference the age of the erect "member"? Schools even pass out condoms in support of this activity.

If there is a basis for prosecuting Ol' Roy, then bring it on. If it is "he said ... she said", there's no legal basis for prosecution, so let it run its course in the court of public opinion ... if the wins the election, he will be plagued with bad press for the foreseeable future, but people like the Clintons have learned to survive and even thrive under similar conditions, even when the allegations were and still are far worse. If he loses, so be it. I don't really care. Of course, the media will drop him like a hot potato either way as they navigate shark-like in anticipation of the next political eruption.

Back to politics as a separate subject: Bottom line, Republicans and Democrats at every level have proven themselves to be incompetent and corrupt, and they have screwed our nation to the max ... $20 Trillion in debt, with nothing to show for it ... that's $57,000 for every man, woman and child in the US. I have little faith that either party will remedy this inexcusable situation. In fact, together, they will make it worse over time. In government, we have a confederacy of dunces, a ship of fools, and a thicket of thieves.

    • Woman Says Roy Moore Sexually Assaulted Her When She Was 16 At a press conference this afternoon, a woman named Beverly Young Nelson said that Roy Moore tried to rape her in 1975, when she was 16... more
      • What was the pop song...... ~ PH🙄🙄EY, Tue Nov 14 8:53am
        Oh yeah. 16 Candles. Very sweet. Some people get stuck at sixteen. Others mature and move on. Life's a twitch.
      • Tell us about the "Clinton Body Count" ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Mon Nov 13 4:21pm
        If you can take a few moments away from your abnormal obsession with Ol' Roy. "Nelson recalled several encounters with Moore" ?????? Several ?????? One encounter ... call the police. Gloria Allred... more
        • You're Right, Moore Is Waxing Clintonesque ~ Merlin, Mon Nov 13 5:22pm
          Moore should study Bill's playbook, not Kevin Spacey's. I don't recall Bill ever stooping to the old "I Don't Remember" ploy.
          • True. Billy was unique. ~ PH😀😀EY, Tue Nov 14 8:57am
            He simply said in answer to the question that included an IS...."depends on what is IS. Haha. One could hear a pin drop. Classic!
          • You're right ... ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Mon Nov 13 7:38pm
            ... Clinton was not a Queer ... just a frustrated molester with a useless dick so crooked that he had to use a cigar on Ol' Mon'Baby. Word has it he has Peyronie's. Reminds me of the Irish limerick:... more
            • I recall it was Paula Jones who ~ PH👻👻EY, Tue Nov 14 9:02am
              claimed she could identify the culprit by the crook. I am not sure which of his trysts was said to have a nose that could open up a can of ham. Probably Paula.
    • Mondo, GREAT POST!! 👏🏾👏🏾 (nm ~ PH👻👻EY, Mon Nov 13 2:15pm
    • Bottom,bottom line.Things will even ~ clint (I), Mon Nov 13 2:04pm
      become worse under Trump.IF Reps are to get their way with the tax changes then the middle class will be paying more for less and the wealthy will pay less for more.Count on it.
      • Cut government spending. ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Mon Nov 13 2:13pm
        Or, if you cut taxes, cut taxes on those who pay the most.
        • That's easy. ~ PH👀EY, Tue Nov 14 3:12pm
          Stop the insane wars for oil and Israel. Our MIC has blown 5.6 trillion dollars on a credit card. What does this nation have to show for it? Just look around. Yeah, taxes could have been cut. Too... more
        • LOL (nm) ~ clint (I), Mon Nov 13 2:29pm
    • Merlin explained himself quite thoroughly ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Mon Nov 13 1:48pm
      The ONLY thing that matters to him is the Court of Public Opinion. That is also the ONLY thing that matters to the vast majority of Liberal Leftists in America. Nothing is about facts, or data or... more
      • 2. and none of them stated that the only thing that matters is the COPO. #NowYouKnow
        • A known CIA RAG! (nm) ~ PH🐍🐍EY, Mon Nov 13 2:16pm
        • Which time were you lying? ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Mon Nov 13 2:12pm
          Your quote after the article on COPO: "French makes an unassailable good point. Merlin" And the entire point of that article was that COPO was the ONLY thing that matters in the specific case. So,... more
          • As for: "the entire point of that article was that COPO was the ONLY thing that matters in the specific case."...allow me to repost the article in full: No, Roy Moore Is Not Entitled to Due Process... more
    • in response to Roy Moore reports Catherine Lawson, a Raleigh-based lawyer, created #MeAt14 on Twitter on Nov. 9, 2017, to illustrate that teenagers can’t consent to a relationship with adults. The... more
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