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RT forced by DO of IJ (DOJ) to
Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:32pm

register as a foreign agent. Otherwise the frightened Babylonians will seize their assets and shut them down. Of course shutting RT down is the ultimate goal. I read RT. I find it is a sober professional journalistic endeavor. If it's fake news then its in the company of MSM. Funny thing is no other media operating in Babylon is registered as a foreign agent. Why not the BBC?? This ridiculous action by the DOJ exposes DOJ as a foreign agent because this move is all about politics and nothing to do with genuine Justice. PH🐍🐍EY on them! It's the same crowd running "Justice" that seeks to make war upon Russia. As an aside (sort of), when is AIPAC going to be treated in same manner and forced to register as a foreign agent....which it most assuredly is.

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