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As you surely know by now,
Sun Nov 26, 2017 6:00pm

if my link fails, I will repost with a correction. In this instance I hand your half-wit mentality a much greater prize.....a brilliant assessment about which the implications are staggering. In sum, the links from the 'charity foundation monies lead directly and indirectly back on the Promis software scandal, and the murder of Danny Casolaro. Further, the global security firm G4S is a morph several times over to keep up the confusion about who is who, who did what to whom. And its tentacles go back to WTC security contract, and commercial airport security at Logan, and Newark. Therefore, that these entities etc. have links to a LV survivor who dies four days later, who was a "co-founder" of high desert charity, is to say the least very intriguing. Can you say MOSSAD? Can you say Octopussy? Can you say WTF?!!

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