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Not sure if this will work?
Sun Nov 26, 2017 9:23pm

    • Great pics, NAB! ~ Mondo Fuego™, Mon Nov 27 7:53pm
      The Kestral looks like it is ready to take on its opponent in the Birdman Arena. :) Thanks for sharing these.
    • Thanks NAB ~ Deplorable Otis, Mon Nov 27 5:22pm
      Those lil Starlings look hungry...LOL btw...good to see your post!
    • Thanks, Birdman. ~ shadow, Mon Nov 27 11:40am
      What a treasure trove - of birds, of photographs, of nature! I have a favorite photo, the baby starlings with their mouths open!
    • Works perfectly! ~ Poppet, Mon Nov 27 10:05am
      And what wonderful images!
      • Thanks all for the help ~ Birdman, Mon Nov 27 5:03pm
        I wasn’t sure if it only worked for me or if it worked for everyone 😀 NAB 😀
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