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LOL! A "human interest story" with a twist.
Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:45am

Personally....I'd like to see couple of NY Times human interest stories on leftist celebrities and major media types that are and have been for quite a while, exhibiting hate and true mean-spirited intent on gruesome scale. Their numbers have been impressive. With new ones surfacing almost daily.

This poor misguided clown was virtually unknown until this NY Times story. The liberal types I'm referring to above have quite the platform from which to express their messages.

  • A Voice of Hate in America’s Heartland ~ Merlin, Sun Nov 26 1:32pm
    The banality of evil. HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio — Tony and Maria Hovater were married this fall. They registered at Target. On their list was a muffin pan, a four-drawer dresser and a pineapple slicer. Ms. ... more
    • LOL! A "human interest story" with a twist. ~ TW, Mon Nov 27 11:45am
    • Now, NYTimes ~ Deanna, Sun Nov 26 2:37pm
      Should follow up with an article titled "The Voice of Hate in the USA"....and interview a newly married Antifa couple...... I will be waiting.....
      • I Knew That This Article Would Upset You. ~ Merlin, Sun Nov 26 3:57pm
        Sorry ;-)
        • LOL....Not!! ~ Deanna, Sun Nov 26 5:22pm
          Fairness is only fair.....unless, you can show me an article of the same that NYT has done on an Antifa couple....:) I think the people in the article are just as weird as Antifa people.......:)
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