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Carly Fiorina, as usual
Mon Nov 27, 2017 12:01pm

was brilliant on Chris Wallace' Fox News Report last night, discussing sexual harassment. She was logical, brilliant, unemotional, personal about her own experiences as a female in business, and she offered a solution which no one else has mentioned, and which is THE solution if you think about it.

She said that when the men who are not predatory quit respecting those who are, quit ignoring what is happening, stand up, speak up and refuse to ignore those things which they know are happening, then there's a chance that things will change. Quit respecting the offenders! Knowing the nature of humanity, it will not completely eliminate sexual harassment, but it will certainly make a significant difference.

If you can somehow see that coverage, you will be refreshed by the level of conversation, her conversation, her invaluable contributions to the discussion, and you will wish all of a sudden that she were President of these United States.

    • Brilliant Indeed! ~ Merlin, Mon Nov 27 5:12pm
      Many of the women who have stepped forward to expose Weinstein et al have been undeservedly and harshly criticized for not being brave enough to step forward immediately. However, the non-predatory... more
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